Hora Os
Founded in October 2019 and operates mainly in 4 areas including Artificial Intelligence (A.I), Blockchain, Cloud Computing and Operating System (OS) development.

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Unicorn Fintech
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Address: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX
Ufin was established in October 2019 and operates mainly in 4 areas including artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing and operating system (OS) development, with the goal of bringing maximum value to customers. customer. Ufin also aims to become a leading fintech company in the UK and around the world.
Currently, this startup has successfully developed a decentralized operating system with the goal of helping businesses manage their infrastructure on a cloud computing platform, taking advantage of it quickly, low cost and high efficiency. This is considered a revolutionary technological advance in data storage, use and distribution.
As a young start-up company in the UK, Ufin has successfully raised a seed round from international investors with a capital of $21 million. The large capital represents the strong growth potential of this startup in the future. The company is currently valued at $ 100 million, belongs to the group of startups with the highest growth rate and highest valuation in the seed round.
With the newly mobilized capital, Ufin will deploy a decentralized server network for the Hora Os operating system to support businesses and governments to deploy data storage and management models on decentralized cloud computing. At the same time, this startup will build extensive infrastructure to meet the needs and support digital transformation globally in the period 2021-2022.
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