1. What does Defi Bank look like?

This platform will provide all of the following functions:

- Loan

- Rate Change Account has no minimum deposit amount and lockout time

- The ability to provide a fixed interest rate and a maturity that the borrower can then accept in the market.

- Advanced ordering features like Stop Loss, Limit and Market orders. There are no transaction fees other than gas fees. The gas fees on Ethereum IMO are too high and are a major barrier to more transactions being done on DeFi's. Gas prices vary depending on the network load.

- Benefits for high-volume traders. Exchanges like Coinbase reward traders for trading a certain amount in the past 30 days in the form of a discount. If you can get bonus interest on your deposits by trading more, would you use DeFi via a decentralized exchange Mining the Liquidity pool of other DEX platforms.

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